Dr. Heather Olins: Leading Women in Marine Science

"We are all inextricable connected to our oceans (food, mineral and other resources, oxygen, climate, weather, shipping, economics/politics...), and yet we have better maps of Mars and the moon than our own sea floors - there is so much to learn, and it is incredibly important to the survival of our (and other) species that we do so."

Dr. Nasreen Peer: Leading Women in Marine Science

Dr. Nasreen Peer graduated with her PhD in 2016 from Nelson Mandela University where she studied the taxonomy, ecology and diversity of crabs in South Africa. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow studying the ecology of freshwater, mangrove and estuarine crabs around South Africa. Her research led her further up the East Coast to Mozambique …

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Climate Change or Overexploitation: Which is the greatest threat to marine conservation?

Conservation is a substantial environmental and socio-economic challenge encompassing a wide variety of stakeholders with an eclectic range of interests. Undeniably, both climate change and human exploitation pose a great threat to biodiversity globally. But which is most threatening to marine ecosystems?