Dr. Nasreen Peer: Leading Women in Marine Science

Dr. Nasreen Peer graduated with her PhD in 2016 from Nelson Mandela University where she studied the taxonomy, ecology and diversity of crabs in South Africa. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow studying the ecology of freshwater, mangrove and estuarine crabs around South Africa. Her research led her further up the East Coast to Mozambique …

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Project Biodiversity: Saving Sea Turtles

Whilst on my travels around Sal, Cabo Verde around a month ago, I had an incredible opportunity to participate in one of the sea turtle nesting walks operate by a local non-profit association – Project Biodiversity. Prior to this experience I happened to see a pair of mating loggerheads - much like the photography above - whilst on a diving trip, wetting my appetite for seeing these majestic animals up-close in one of natures greatest events.