Dr. Stephanie Gardner: Leading Women in Marine Science

Welcome to a brand new series on Leading Women in Marine Science. First up is coral scientist @StephGGardner


Backing Beachy Head East – 1 of 41 New MCZ’s In Britain

Recently, the UK government announced a 6-week consultation process on the designation of Beachy Head East MCZ. It is vital that we fight for the protection of as much of our seas and oceans as we can.

Mobulas and Murder: The Hunt for Gill Rakers

All accounts of diving with manta rays detail their majesty and grace, partnered with the sense of awe you feel as their great mass glides through the water so effortlessly above you. It is one of the ambitions of numerous diving fanatics to swim with one in the flesh; however, manta rays - alongside their …

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Project Biodiversity: Saving Sea Turtles

Whilst on my travels around Sal, Cabo Verde around a month ago, I had an incredible opportunity to participate in one of the sea turtle nesting walks operate by a local non-profit association – Project Biodiversity. Prior to this experience I happened to see a pair of mating loggerheads - much like the photography above - whilst on a diving trip, wetting my appetite for seeing these majestic animals up-close in one of natures greatest events.

Adélie to Waitaha: Why you should care about World Penguin Day

Today marks an important day in highlighting the issues facing some of the natural world’s most charismatic creatures. It’s safe to say that penguins are adored by both young and old across the globe. These dopey and clumsy, adorable birds are featured in countless documentaries and are arguably the most recognised icon of Antarctica. There …

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