Clara Bird: Leading Women in Marine Science

"A career in marine science is a great option because you get to work in the most incredible places and there’s a lot of variety and interdisciplinarity, I love that you can do both field work and computer work while meeting the coolest and best people."


Zero Waste Week 2018

Zero Waste Week 2018 is finally here and I'm so glad you could make it. Never has there been a more pressing time for us all to get our acts together and make change for our planet. Luckily, reducing your consumption of resources has never been easier and there are SO MANY SIMPLE CHANGES YOU …

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Climate Change or Overexploitation: Which is the greatest threat to marine conservation?

Conservation is a substantial environmental and socio-economic challenge encompassing a wide variety of stakeholders with an eclectic range of interests. Undeniably, both climate change and human exploitation pose a great threat to biodiversity globally. But which is most threatening to marine ecosystems?

Purbeck Coast: 1 of 41 Proposed MCZs in English Waters

We only have until the 20th July to let DEFRA know that we are behind the proposal of 41 new Marine Conservation Zones within British Waters. In case you were wondering… Marine Conservation Zones “protect a range of nationally important marine wildlife, habitats, geology and geomorphology, and can be designated anywhere in English and Welsh …

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Mobulas and Murder: The Hunt for Gill Rakers

All accounts of diving with manta rays detail their majesty and grace, partnered with the sense of awe you feel as their great mass glides through the water so effortlessly above you. It is one of the ambitions of numerous diving fanatics to swim with one in the flesh; however, manta rays - alongside their …

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