Arthi Ramachandran: Leading Women in Marine Science

Arthi Ramachandran's passion for marine biology started in grade 10 when she took a school trip to the Huntsman Marine Institute in St-Andrews, New Brunswick. Arthi completed her BSc in Biology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and started her Master's at Concordia in a microbial ecology lab with Dr. David Walsh. Arthi got to …

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Nia Jones: Leading Women in Marine Science

"Overcoming the stress of exams and coursework whether during GCSEs, A levels or University is a challenge a lot of people can relate to! I’ve never felt like I can just sail through exams without much work so I have always put a lot of hours into understanding the work and trying to get it right – and sometimes I’ve completely missed the mark as to what I should’ve been doing! Luckily I have had a great support system in my family, friends and University staff who has supported, guided and sometimes forced me to take a break and step back from the stress (a really important part!)."

Spotlight On… Melissa Cristina Marquez

"I have always been a strong advocate for “making the table longer” and “adding more chairs.” I believe we all can have a seat at the “table” that is STEMM and hope we see more collaboration and a sense of community being fostered over competitive. It’s as easy as people with a platform lifting others up or passing the metaphorical microphone so someone else can tell their story, share their science."

Mobulas and Murder: The Hunt for Gill Rakers

All accounts of diving with manta rays detail their majesty and grace, partnered with the sense of awe you feel as their great mass glides through the water so effortlessly above you. It is one of the ambitions of numerous diving fanatics to swim with one in the flesh; however, manta rays - alongside their …

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Project Biodiversity: Saving Sea Turtles

Whilst on my travels around Sal, Cabo Verde around a month ago, I had an incredible opportunity to participate in one of the sea turtle nesting walks operate by a local non-profit association – Project Biodiversity. Prior to this experience I happened to see a pair of mating loggerheads - much like the photography above - whilst on a diving trip, wetting my appetite for seeing these majestic animals up-close in one of natures greatest events.