#EcoChristmas Round-Up #2

We are now extremely close to Christmas and with that, the Christmas consumer rush is well and truly into full-swing. Need some last minute inspiration for what to buy your special someone this Christmas? I’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately, this post was scheduled to be published a week ago – damn you WordPress – and I have only just noticed now (I’m currently on holiday, please forgive me). HOWEVER, these gift ideas are undoubtedly great treat ideas for either yourself, or a loved one, with any monies that may have been gifted this year – or simply, just because.

Pass on Plastic.JPG

2018 has undoubtedly been the year of #plasticfree living, with Blue Planet 2 spurring the public to take action with their consumption and make changes for the better of our oceans. Christmas can be a particularly difficult time to reduce your consumption of resources, with billions of pounds being spent on a wide variety of gifts that clever marketing moguls convince us we need because it’s Christmas.

But fear not. There are many eco-conscious and ethical start-ups out there that are providing gift options that don’t cost the world this Christmas. Following the popularity of my first round-up, here is my second one and so, without further-ado, delve into my next selection of ethical Christmas gifts…

Make It Wild Wraps1. Make It Wild Beeswax Wraps

An eclectic array of beeswax wraps are currently available on the market, but what ones do you the choose? You may remember that I featured BeeBee Beeswax wraps earlier on in the year.

There is no doubt that beeswax wraps are a fantastic sustainable alternative to pesky plastic wrap. Even better, they are made from all-natural ingredients and are compostable once they’ve finished their life.

I’ve used beeswax wraps for a while now to cover over leftovers and to wrap my sandwiches up for work. My mum loves these ones for their ease of use and their cute designs – she has not purchased any plastic wrap since being gifted these, and swears by them now!

Another great thing about these beeswax wraps is that they are both waterproof and breathable, helping seal the freshness of your food for longer – none of that nasty vegetable sweat that you get with plastic wraps!

I love these beeswax wraps from Make It Wild as I think this variety pack is the perfect intro to using this plastic-free alternative in any kitchen and provides an easy way to trial the wraps for multiple usages.

Shop the Make It Wild online store here and follow their social media pages for more information – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Visibly Vegan Candle

Visibly Vegan Lily


Vegan candles? I had no idea that this was something that was on the market, but really, it makes total sense. Almost everyone in the UK knows someone who has transitioned to a vegan diet in the past year – in fact, the majority of my friends are vegan.

These hand-made in the UK candles by Visibly Vegan are registered by the Vegan Society, so you can be rest-assured that both the candle and the packaging are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The packaging is also 100% plastic-free and is made only from biodegradable materials, which is a win-win.

Another advantage? These soy wax candles burn slower, lasting longer than your average beeswax candle. The soy wax candles also burn cleaner, so there will be none of that nasty black remnants you often get on the walls.

The collection of scents available are stunning – my favourite is the Lily & Bamboo Luxury Scented candle.

Whether your special someone is vegan or not, these candles are definitely a treat for anyone who loves candles.

Shop the Visibly Vegan range here, and follow their social media pages for more information – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Holly Tree3. Make It Wild Holly Tree Dedication

What do you buy someone who has it all? How about something that will not only give back to the local community, but will also provide protection? That’s what dedicating a holly tree with Make It Wild will do this Christmas.

The Banks Wood Nature Reserve in North Yorkshire has an eclectic range of beautiful trees that are available for dedication, but for Christmas this year why not dedicate a holly tree to a loved one? For just £15 you can support the conservation of an ancient woodland, which is both a unique and special habitat to protect.

I love this idea as not only is it unique, but it also involves no waste and no transport miles. Plus, it’s a super easy way to conserve a precious habitat for future generations.

Shop the Make It Wild online store here and follow their social media pages for more information – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Sky Ocean Rescue #PlasticFreeSky Ocean Rescue 2

Last week I finally visited the Sky Ocean #PlasticFree pop-up shop on Beak Street in London. It was so great to hear from staff members that the exhibit has been received well by the public.

Like many big corporations, Sky has jumped on the reusable product bandwagon and has teamed up with Project 0 and an exciting range of celebrities, including Kate Moss, Ronnie Wood and Harry Kane, to produce a chic range of reusable products.

Although a little on the expensive side – a standard reusable water bottle costs £25 – the range is still competitively priced with higher end alternatives. The majority of Chillys bottles are also around the £25 mark.

Overall I think the designs available are unique and would make a wonderful gift this Christmas season. Within the range beeswax wraps, reusable cutlery sets, food containers and tote bags are also available.

Shop the Sky Ocean Rescue #PlasticFree range here and visit their social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Evolve Beauty5. Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Cream

Earlier in the year I was sent the Daily Renew Cream from Evolve Organic Beauty and I have used it religiously when suffering from dry skin. It has a wonderfully delicate vanilla and coconut scent that isn’t overpowering. Moreover, it actually works.

Organic Argan oil nourishes the skin whilst natural hyaluronic acid soothes and hydrates the skin in a beautifully light formula. There isn’t much more to say about this cream, other than it works and is a great purchase for anyone who is eco-conscious and suffers from dry skin.

It is vegan and cruelty-free, as well as being made from natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals.

Visit the Evolve Beauty website to shop the full range, and check out their social media channels for more awesome content – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

6. Shark Trust Membership

The Shark Trust
© The Shark Trust

For me, my membership to the Shark Trust has been a recent venture – honestly, with how much I love all sharks, I really don’t understand WHY I haven’t been a member for a much longer time.

By purchasing a non-governmental organisation membership for someone, not only will they receive an abundance of awesome information about that organisation and their work, but they’ll also be helping to fund the insanely important work that the majority of these organisations carry out.

Which charity should you choose? That’s entirely up to you! A wealth of great organisations exist out there. Depending on who you’re gifting this membership to and what they’re interested in depends on where you should buy from. May I suggest an ocean-related membership? After all, 2018 feels like it has been the year of ocean activism – The Shark Trust is my NGO of choice this Christmas period, but the Marine Conservation Society is another great option.

Signup to be a member of the Shark Trust here, and follow their social media for more shark-tastic content – Facebook and Twitter.

CGD London7. CGD London Planner

Since I’ve owned this planner, it has truly revolutionised my life – and no, that is not an overstatement at all.

Prior to purchasing this beautifully pink vegan leather diary, my organisational skills were still pretty good, but I was consistently stressed with trying to remember what I was supposed to do when and when deadlines were due. When I say I NEVER wrote anything down, I’m not kidding.

However, as my business has grown, I’ve been getting more and more freelance work, alongside the work for my MSc gradually beginning to pile up. Add that to an already busy social life and a longlist of events to attend, and I was starting to feel very overwhelmed thanks to the tragic organisation of my schedule. I was never late with anything, but the stress getting there was having devastating consequences on my stress levels.

The Getting Stuff Done planner from CGD London has done wonders for my stress levels and organisation, and I highly recommend it as a gift for either yourself or anyone else you know who has an insanely busy schedule to keep track of – plus it’s bound in vegan leather!

Shop the CGD London collection here, and be sure to follow their social media channels for daily motivating content – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and my apologies for the late post once again – I can’t believe it didn’t schedule on time! Hopefully you’ve found some goodies in here to treat yourself with after the Christmas rush x

All photographs used in this blog post belong to Hannah Rudd, unless otherwise stated – if you would like to use one of them, please get in contact with me

5 thoughts on “#EcoChristmas Round-Up #2

  1. mammasschool

    Some really beautiful earth conscious items on this list. I adore the idea of the candles as well as a few of the other ideas, and with a of post Christmas birthdays on the imminent horizon I shall be referring back to your post!


  2. scrapbookadventures365

    I love all these eco friendly products you have mentioned, it has helped me to think more about being more eco friendly. I think we could all make some small changes that would really make a big difference.


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