#EcoChristmas Gift Round-up #1

If you’ve been paying close attention to my Instagram feed this week, you’ll have seen the first few posts for this years #EcoChristmas campaign! Finding the perfect gift can be tough, especially in this modern age where we all live incredibly hectic lives. But fear not, I’ve been working with some super eco-friendly brands to bring you a selection of gifts for that special someone this Christmas that won’t cost the world.

Take a look below for the first weeks selection…

1. Earth Conscious Deodorant Earth Conscious

If you’ve read my previous review of Earth Conscious deodorants, you’ll know that I’m an avid fan.

This was my first time reviewing the tinned versions of Earth Conscious‘ deodorant range and I must admit, personally, I prefer these tins to the deodorant sticks I’ve previously used, as I found it easier to control how much deodorant I was applying with the tins.

The new scent range that has been released is wonderful – I LOVE the lavender and tea tree one in particular! What’s great about these deodorants in particular is how easy they are to apply. All you have to do is melt a little bit of the mixture with your fingertips and apply – you don’t even have to wait for it to dry!

Earth Conscious‘ deodorants are made from 100% natural ingredients and possess anti-bacterial properties that will help fight body odour throughout the day. Plus fundamentally, all of their products are made from recyclable materials, rather than pesky plastic.

A portion of each sale also goes towards the Marine Conservation Society too, which is always a lovely bonus.

You can find out more about Earth Conscious on their website and by following them on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.

Awake Organics2. Awake Organics Sea Quartz Cleanser

This vegan cleanser can be used daily, but I prefer to use it as a touch of luxury at the end of the week to prep my skin for the week ahead.

You can really feel the micro-crystal scrubbing away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, which makes it feel beautifully smooth after use.

Because of the inclusion of 1 carat of quartz superfine powder, there is no need for any harmful microplastics, as the quartz does a magnificent job of exfoliating your skin. Combine this with the organic turmeric, brown rice and spirulina used in this cleanser and you have yourself a recipe for beautifully bright and refined skin.

Personally, I loved the idea of putting algae on my face, but that’s probably due to my infatuation with the ocean – plus it works a treat!

Discover more about Awake Organics on their website and follow their social media pages for more information – Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram.

3. Critically Endangered Socks
Critically Endangered Socks

These socks are THE comfiest socks I have worn in a long time AND their sale benefits a good cause.

Critically Endangered Socks are a great stocking filler or small gift for that animal lover in your life, with 20% of each purchase going towards charities that are working hard to save some of the world’s most critically endangered animals.

There are currently five designs – I’m wearing the Borneo Orangutan edition – and they are all limited edition, with only 1,000 pairs of each made.

Each pair are made from a sustainable blend of cotton and bamboo, arriving in a lovely recyclable box too.

The charities Critically Endangered Socks support are Friends of the National Parks Foundation, International Elephant Foundation, Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, Oceanic Society and Whales and Dolphin Conservation.

For more information, check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Pip Box November Edit4. The Pip Box Subscription Box

If you love beauty products, but want to be as ethical and eco-friendly as possible, it can take considerable time to find products that both meet this criteria and suit your skincare needs.

This is where The Pip Box steps in.

I had the chance to review their November edit this week and I was not disappointed. I love the eclectic range of products that you’re given, plus the chance to try-out something that you may have not necessarily tried without the subscription box – like the Divine and Handmade, Pure Hazelnut Oil.

The Pip Box subscription voucher would make a wonderful gift this Christmas for that person in your life that loves beauty and cares about preventing animal cruelty. Subscriptions are available for a variety of times, from 1 month to 12 months, and for a limited time only all 6 month and 12 month gift box vouchers include an extra mini beauty treat. Perfect!

You can subscribe to the Pip Box on their website, and follow their social media pages for some awesome content – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

5. Home of Juniper’s ‘Grow Your Own Christmas Tree’ La Juniper

These Christmas tree seeds will make the perfect little Christmas favours at only £1 each.

Depending on how carefully the receiver looks after them, the seeds will become table top trees for a few years to begin with, before eventually evolving into a magnificent Christmas tree.

I love the Home of Juniper online boutique because all of their home and gift products have a conscious consumer ethos embedded within them, yet they’re also beautiful products. All of their products have been created by British designers and they also actively support ethical producers from abroad.

Shop the Home of Juniper online store here and follow their social media pages for more information – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Lost in Samsara6. Lost in Samsara Upcycled Purse

Fast-fashion is rapidly depleting natural resources and having a devastating impact on the environment. The industry is also rife with social injustice, with many workers having their basic human rights breached, for example.

Wherever possible, it’s a fantastic step to take if you can source your fashion ethically.

This upcycled purse from the wonderful Lost in Samsara is an excellent example of just that. Not only is it made from recycled tyre tubbing, but it also enables local communities in Cambodia to become empowered through fair trade and social justice. Plus, it looks fantastic and will make a lovely gift this Christmas too!

See more of the Lost in Samsara collection here, and be sure to follow their Twitter and Instagram, and like their Facebook page.

7. White Spring Bamboo StrawsWhite Spring Bamboo Straws

Billions of single-use plastic straws are used in the UK alone every year and the majority of those end up polluting our oceans. If you need more information on why plastic pollution is bad for our oceans, here is a great place to start.

But what if you like drinking from a straw on a night out, for instance? I agree with you, drinking from a straw does have its advantages. That’s why I love these reusable bamboo straws from White Spring. 

Not only are they reusable, but they are also 100% biodegradable and the bamboo that has been grown to produce these straws hasn’t been subjected to any nasty chemicals, like pesticides. These bamboo straws from White Spring are also of a high quality and are less likely to splinter easily, like other straws on the market.

For £8.99 you can get eight straws with two cleaners in a handy cotton bag that you can take with you anywhere, making it the perfect gift for that eco-conscious straw-user in your life.

To shop the White Spring bamboo straws, click here.

So there you have it – the first roundup of #EcoChristmas 2018! Stay tuned on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more updates with the first of the second week being revealed this evening.

Have a great week everyone,

Hannah x

All photographs used in this blog post belong to Hannah Rudd – if you would like to use one of them, please get in contact with me


14 thoughts on “#EcoChristmas Gift Round-up #1

  1. Siobhan McLoughlin

    Love these ideas! I’m a big fan of ethical beauty products and always looking at products to throw into the mix! I’ll be looking into that quartz cleanser xxx


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