Still Searching for The Perfect Ocean Gift This Christmas?

If you’re anything like me, you will still be doing your Christmas shopping (or not even have begun yet, oops!). But if you’re still flummoxed by what to get your ocean hero, then no need to fret!

Here’s my list of pressie ideas to get the ocean lover in your life! The best part? Most of them are sold by NGOs, so not only will you be getting a cute pressie, but you’ll also be helping these organisations to carry out their vital work.

1.) A Marine Conservation Gift Membership

The Marine Conservation is a fantastic organisation that carries out vital work surrounding conservation issues like reducing plastic pollution. Included in your year’s membership is a subscription to the fascinating Marine Conservation magazine that is packed full of quirky stories, local events and intriguing insights into the marine world that your ocean lover will adore.


MCS Membership
Image: The Marine Conservation Society


Price: £42

Buy Here


2.) Hammerhead Shark Pendant

Know someone who is shark-mad in your life? This pewter necklace is sold by The Shark Trust, a wonderful organisation in aid of shark research and conservation. Plenty of other designs are available on their website, but this hammerhead is my personal favourite.


Hammerhead Shark Pendant
Image: The Shark Trust


Price: £15

Buy Here


3.) Project Biodiversity Sea Turtle Hatchling Adoption

Adopting an animal is another great way to give a gift whilst also donating to a crucial conservation cause. Project Biodiversity is an NGO I hold dear to my heart after witnessing their brilliant work this summer. 1 in 1000 hatchlings survive to adulthood, you can help conserve these beautiful animals by adopting a hatchling today.


Price: 10 Euro

Buy Here


4.) What A Fish Knows

This year I stumbled across this book whilst in The Natural History Museum shop. It is easily one of the most interesting and eye-opening books I have ever read, and it since has eagerly been passed around many friends and relatives. In an accessible and entertaining manner, this fantastically-written book by Jonathan Balcombe enlightens the reader on the wonders of fish intellect.

Price: £9.99

Buy Here


5.) Sue Timney Tea Towel

Quite honestly, I just find this design beautiful – and hopefully, you do too! Proceeds benefit the work of the WWF and it also brightens up your kitchen


Sue Timney Tea Towel - Fish
Image: WWF


Price: £9.99

Buy Here


6.) Jumper

Loads of other clothing options and designs are available from some great charities, but this one by The Shark Trust is easily my favourite.


Love Sharks Jumper
Image: The Shark Trust


Price: £35 – £40

Buy Here

7.) Blowfish’s Oceanopedia: 291 Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know About The Sea

Now this one is also on my Christmas list this year! Filled with bite-sized, fishy facts that are thoroughly entertaining and also detailed in an accessible manner, this oceanopedia is set to be one of this year’s best sellers!


Image: Amazon


Price: £17.99

Buy Here


8.) Pearl Necklace and Earrings

For the dolphin-lover in your life, this ornate jewellery set which benefits the SeaWatch Foundation. If you fancy something a little more hands-on, why not take part in a Marine Mammal Survey course?


Image: SeaWatch Foundation, Adopt A Dolphin


Price: £10

Buy Here


9.) Emperor Penguin Toy

Penguins are adorable and these Antarctic dwellers are incredibly cuddly (at least in plush toy form!). This one from the Zoological Society London also features an adorable penguin chick, great for that mini marine biologist in your life.


Image: ZSL 


Price: £30

Buy Here


10.) Steel Water Bottle

Finally, the most practical of all gifts – a reusable water bottle. Although there are loads of options on the market, this one here is my favourite purely for the marine-based colour! Helping to reduce plastic waste is surely one of the best gifts you can give this Christmas


Image: Chilly’s Bottles


Price: £20

Buy Here


So there you have it! Ten pressie ideas for the ocean defender in your life. Although these are my recommendations, there are plenty of other fantastic gifts available on the links provided…

Hope your Christmas goes swimmingly!

Hannah x



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