Hello, and welcome to Ecological Me. Here you will find a selection of the most important environmental issues that we as a planet are facing currently and how we can potentially tackle them, in my very humble opinion. My name is Hannah Rudd and I am currently a student at Lancaster University. I have been fascinated with the natural world ever since I can remember and have always wanted a career within that world – even though it often gravitates between disciplines. This blog has been started as a platform for myself to write about, and hopefully bring to people’s attention, key problems of varying intensity which are happening within the natural world as you read this now. Some of which people have been campaigning against since the 1980s, even as early as the 60s and 40s in some cases. I shall try to be as unbiased as possible in my approach; that said, however, the design of this blog is to promote how disastrous events such as the finning of 100 million sharks each year (Marine Policy) truly are. It is very natural for us as human beings to be very remorseful when watching these events unfold on national television and then blissfully carry on with our very own, often stressful lives, without giving it much thought again for a couple of weeks, or even months. I, myself, am equally guilty of that premise.

But it isn’t good enough. We simply can’t sit around moaning about how bad climate change is, or how terrible it is that elephants are being slaughtered for their tusks across Africa at an alarming rate, it simply isn’t good enough. No, action is needed. Action which I myself should’ve taken a very long time ago. There is no time like the present, and change is needed in the present. If we, as a global community, wish to safeguard the natural world for future generations we need to change now. Not in 5 years, not in 10 years, not even in 20 years, now. It is no good setting targets that we know full well will never be met – *cough cough Kyoto Protocol*. We must act before it is too late.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you will make a large enough impact to make a difference, because if a large enough community club together, change is possible. I hope by reading this blog you are inspired to make change, to make a difference. I hope you find one issue, however; small it is, that you carry close to your heart and are willing to help make a difference towards. Whether that’s participating in a climate change protest in your closest metropolitan city, signing a petition against the utilisation of microbeads, or fundraising for a non-governmental organisation like the WWF, it doesn’t what matter it is. What matters is that you’re being proactive about our planet, no matter how big or small. Everyone truly can make a difference.

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